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A Mini Rant


So my intentions are for this blog to showcase recipes I’ve taken from Pintrest (and other sources) to see 1) how good they actually are 2) how college budget friendly they can be and 3) how healthy they are. I must first however, get these thoughts out of my head.

I started dating my boyfriend Alex when I was a senior in high school. That was almost four years ago, which is a long time considering how long most high school relationships last. We were best friends a year before that, and I truly believe that is why our relationship has been so successful. Sure, we have our ups and downs, but for the most part, we have a solid relationship. When we first started dating and had those “I’ll be with you forever” thoughts that most teenagers have, we planned to get engaged around my 21st birthday. That’s at the end of this month. Needless to say, as we have grown up, we realized how ridiculous that thought was. Especially since he has another whole year of school after I graduate. While we still talk of getting married, we have decided to hold off on an engagement until sometime after I get my degree in May. We want to know we can support ourselves, without help from our parents. The two of us also know marriage is a huge commitment, and I think we get a little wiser about it everyday. In all honesty, I’m ok with waiting as long was we need to. I  know we love each other, and if it’s meant to be, an extra year or two won’t kill us. This is where my little rant begins.

A little over a year ago, a girl I went to high school with ended a two year relationship with a guy she met in college. Within a few months, she started dating a guy she met through church. Fine, ok, all good. That part wasn’t annoying. I myself dumped my first boyfriend of almost two years only to pursue a relationship with Alex a few weeks later. What really shocked me was that after maybe five months of dating, these two were ENGAGED! Even so, I assumed it would be a long engagement. WRONG! They were getting married in about 7 months (their wedding was today actually). I was flabbergasted. She still has another year of school and she is getting married! I blame this in part to living in the bible belt, where everyone rushes to get married so they can sleep together, but that is a totally different story. To me, I cannot fathom getting engaged to someone I had dated for less than a year – let alone marry them after only a year of being together! It’s obvious through facebook these two are still in the honeymoon phase of their DATING relationship. I only hope that once that period ends (which it will), they still are happy with their decision to get married so soon.

Well, I feel better now. I needed to vent my confusion on the matter. I do not understand those who get married while still in school, to someone they know less than a year. While I hope it works out for them, I know that’s not the route I will be going.