Fall Break, I Hardly Knew Ye


It’s amazing how fast fall break went by. I feel like I still need another few days off. Overall it was pretty uneventful and relaxing though so I can’t complain. My break started off great with getting the Cryovac internship for this summer as noted in my previous post. Friday I got to go to a Greenville Road Warriors game with Alex, and had a few chances to practice with my camera. I have to say, I have lots of respect for sports photographers. It was so hard to keep up with them, and the lighting made it a nightmare to balance the light meter. I did get one great shot of a check (posted below) so that was enough to keep me happy. Saturday and Sunday I got to do lots of shopping with my mom, and had lunch at restaurant I’ve worked at since I was 16. I had gone 8 weeks without eating Brixx pizza. I haven’t done that since before I worked there. Saturday I had to keep my mom updated with scores of the Michigan/Michigan State game (my parents are State alums and my mom refused to watch the game) from my phone. Thankfully Michigan State exposed Michigan for the overrated team they were (for the 4th year in a row…), and of course, Clemson pulled out a nail biter victory. Anways…Monday I got another excellent opportunity to practice with my camera. The youth hockey association my brother used to play for (and which my dad is still on the board for) had a golf outing, and had players from the Greenville Road Warriors come and golf. I was the “event photographer” and got some good practice of photography when the sun is shining (hard to believe, I know). I was so excited to see shots come through with the golf club mid swing and in perfect clarity. I really do love my camera. Well, that was my fall break. I couldn’t just pick one picture so I have a little slideshow instead.


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Fall Break is Here!!


So this week in graphics I got a better understanding of how my camera works. I am really enjoying learning how things work, and how different settings effect the final photograph. I’m hoping to take my camera to the Greenville Road Warriors game tomorrow to see if I can get some practice with action shots. I’ll be in the third row so hopefully I’ll be close enough. If time (and weather) permits I’d also love to take my camera to Falls Park. Now that I know how to read my light meter, and adjust the shutter speed and aperture accordingly, I’m hoping to take some decent photographs.

This week overall was pretty laid back. Intern Employer Day always stresses me out though. I’m looking ahead to summer and most companies said to come back in the spring. The only company that said they were hiring for summer was Cryovac in Simpsonville. Cryovac also just offered me their summer internship position!!! I had missed their call initially, but when I called them back, I was more or less offered the internship on the spot. The woman didn’t even interview me! Needless to say I am super excited! I will be living at home, which means I won’t have to worry about housing and all the money I’m making can be saved up for my senior year (which is approaching way too fast). Anyways, I am looking forward to the few days off from classes, and it definitely started off great! The icing on the cake would be Michigan State beating Michigan this Saturday, and Clemson beating Maryland to go 7-0!

Thank God It’s the Weekend


So this week has been a long one for me. Two exams and a speech don’t exactly bode well for my stress levels. Especially when I like getting A’s. Which, I think I ended up going 2 for 3 this week. My downfall being an 89 on Art and Architecture History (but really, when am I ever going to need this knowledge again?). Graphics was pretty low key this week, the lab activity Monday took me all of an hour, and luckily I got to do the lab activity Wednesday at home. With my two exams being Wednesday and Thursday, I was glad for the extra study time.

I’ve started to mess around with my camera a little more and am really starting to enjoy all the cool things it can do. I went home this weekend and used my dog Izzo as a model. I just set it on auto, but I think some of them turned out really cute (hence me posting them below). After watching the videos for lab on Wednesday I got a better understanding of aperture, and took some shots just for the heck of it to work with selective focus. Tomorrow Alex and I are going to the Botanical Gardens and I’m going to take some more shots there. I find it surprising. When I started this major I didn’t think photography was going to be some much fun. Now I can’t wait to dive into it.

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Another week closer to Photography


Tomorrow the cross media assignment is due which means (drumroll please) we begin photography! I am so excited for this part of the course. My camera has just been sitting there taunting me…it knows I want to learn how to use it properly. I keep using it here and there but I want to really know how to take photographs. That way when I sit on facebook judging people (ok, in all honesty, one person) who claim they are “photographers” I’ll have the knowledge to back it up (I know, I know, mean, but I can’t stand it when people think just because they have a nice camera, they’re a photographer, and everyone fawns over their work…). Anyways, I digress. This week has been pretty successful. The e-mail blast is done (the templates available made that part super easy), and now I’m sitting waiting in Godfrey for Summer to show up so we can finish the VDP. Lab was canceled which should mean I have the afternoon free, but the good student part of me knows that we need to get this done. So hopefully that doens’t take long because I have a tasty dinner with my name written all over it waiting to be made at my apartment.

Over the River and through the woods, to the Dairy Farm we go


So this week I didn’t actually spend a lot of time in lab. That was because Monday my partner for the VDP project, Summer, and I were able to figure out what we wanted to do pretty quickly. Then Wednesday (today) we went out to capture some pictures. We started out at the dairy farm and were lucky enough to be there when a lab was going on. We got to get pictures with students actually working with the cows. After the messy (and smelly) experience we headed back closer to campus. The band was starting practice and we got some cool shots of the guys who play the Sousaphones. Then we went to Lee Hall and got some pictures of the art gallery, and some pictures with architecture who were eager to help. After a quick refresher with some Icee’s, we got some final pictures in Godfrey, and a few shots of Tillman. Now all we’re waiting on are some pictures of a microbiology lab, and engineering lab which our awesome boyfriends are taking for us (yay for resources). Anyways, I figured I would post some of the photos from today, I think for just being on auto they turned out pretty good.

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Time to Celebrate!


So these past two days have given plenty of reasons to celebrate. Today being that my least favorite (and first) class of the day was cancelled! Yay! Those aren’t really my main reasons though.

1) My website is FINALLY done! I have never been so happy to put a project behind me. Between the hours spent googling how to do things, and Dreamweaver trying to change my settings on me after I saved, I am glad to be done. Considering the struggle I still think my site turned out pretty well. Guess we’ll see how well it really did when I get my grade back on it. I was given positive feedback after a first glance so hopefully that translates into an A (just saying…).

2) I took my first AAH 210 exam online and got an A! I’ve heard so many horror stories so I was definitely worried about that class. I don’t know if I just got lucky with this first one, or I just prepared correctly. Either way I am not complaining!

And last, but certainly not least (definitely saving the best for last here)…

My boyfriend Alex and I had our three year anniversary on the 14th! 🙂 This was the first year we actually got to celebrate on our anniversary. Our first year I was in Clemson while he was still a senior in high school, and last year I had an exam. We were really excited to celebrate on the actual day to say the least. We just went to dinner at J. Peter’s, but I still got to show off my cute new dress. 🙂 I got him a watch (how he hasn’t owned one before is beyond me) and he got me a really cute personalized tote bag, and coasters (the ones I currently have are falling apart).

Cute, no?

[Insert Creative Title Here]


I guess seeing as we didn’t have lecture today, updating my blog would be a good idea…

Since my last post I have had a much different attitude about this website project. I found some awesome tutorials on Dreamweaver, and was all set to build my site that way. Then it came to the navigation (which these tutorials used a site template and did not explain well), and I jumped ship back to illustrator. After seeing another student do a demo on how to export your site into Dreamweaver, this became a great option. I am now basically down to my portfolio page, and then making sure I met all the requirements for the project. My main issue has been that for whatever reason, my site navigation gets cut off in Firefox (I suppose it could be the fact that my Firefox hates me and never loads right). I’m hoping once the site goes live it will look normal on any other Firefox.  Anyways, my site is starting to look a lot different than how I originally intended, but I’m ok with that. In all honesty my favorite part right now is the fact that I have a penguin in every page banner.

On another note, I picked up my SLR camera from home that I ordered off of Amazon. You would never be able to tell it’s been used! I’ve tried messing around with it a little bit, but I know I have so much to learn. I am definitely ready to knock out this website and move on to photography!

My home page banner

I told you I incorporated penguins

A Vent


I have never been so frustrated with an Adobe program as I have been with Dreamweaver this week. The tutorials were a piece of cake, but then trying to use that information to start on my own site was far from fun. I feel no more knowledgeable than when I started the tutorials. It didn’t take me long to make the decision to do all the work in Illustrator, and then import (or whatever it is I do) to Dreamweaver later. I seriously felt like pulling out my hair on Wednesday because I don’t just want to copy the layout of the tutorial, I want something different. The photography portion of this course is becoming a very small light at the end of a very long tunnel.

On that note, I ordered my camera this week. After a good freak out over my bank account, I was able to convince my parents to pay for it. Well, kind of. They’re pulling a savings bond I have in my name so I guess technically I’m paying for it. At least my bank account wont’ take a hit for it since they’re reimbursing me. The camera is currently sitting at home and I cannot wait to go pick it up on Sunday. I need something to distract me from this website.

I guess I should post some form of image to prove I did work this week. However, at this point in time wordpress does not want to let me add any images. I’ll try again later.




Out With the Old, In With the New


It’s hard to believe the summer has officially ended. Part of me is trying to cling on, not ready for the cooler weather, and becoming a semester closer to graduation. The other half is screaming to bring on the football, and adventures with friends. I’m ready to get back into school, and say goodbye to working (well, working for a paycheck anyways). It’s sad to say that has been the highlight of my summer. Working. No vacations, just work. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my Brixx family. They watched me grow up from the 16 year old mute hostess to a 20 year old server who had more than her fair share to say. However, I do not plan on making a living for the rest of my life by waiting tables.

To get past waiting tables, school must start again so I can actually get my degree. This year was definitely the most laid back first day I have had in the past three years. My only “class” was my GC 340 lab. Needless to say I was bored until about 2 o’clock when I finally got to go somewhere. The worst part was trying to find a place to park. Godfrey is in about the absolute worst location for a commuter…there is no where close by to park! Walking over from C-02 was far from fun. I’m pretty sure my leg muscles will be larger than my brothers (who lives on campus) when I return home for the summer. No joke. Anyways, I digress. I missed out on the chance to take 340 in the spring due to my semester internship. I was able to see a lot of photography work that my friends who didn’t intern did, and it got me really excited. I am definitely looking forward to learning how to take better photographs and having the opportunity to use (and own) an SLR camera. The photos from this summer just goes to show I have so much to learn (because of course my family will want me to teach them everything). I think it will be a lot of fun though, and make this the best graphics class I’ve taken to date.

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