Monthly Archives: December 2011

Classes are over!!


Who would of thought this semester would of gone by so fast? I swear just last week I was working on my website for this class. Now I’m just three semesters away from graduation (eek!). This last week has been a pretty chill one. Monday I got to take my studio portraits, which Alex agreed to help me with. He was a good model, and didn’t complain about anything I made him do. He didn’t even whine (that much) when I didn’t warn him I was turning on the studio lights. I was able to finish that project Tuesday, so I didn’t need to go to lab on Wednesday. The rest of my classes have been pretty laid back too. I had my last exam in both marketing and AAH 210 (woo!). I gave a presentation in environmental science Tuesday so today I just got to enjoy the rest of the classes projects. Now I just have one paper to write for art (since it knocks out an eportfolio requirement), and study for a COMM final on Monday. Then Tuesday I’m heading home for break since I can take this final online. I already knocked out my paper, and am ready for three weeks off of school!


Two weeks to go


It’s hard to believe we are essentially done with the semester!!  I remember as a kid, Christmas seemed to take forever to get here, and now we are just 25 days away! It’s scary to think that after this semester I just have three semesters of college left. I swear I was just starting kindergarten yesterday. Anyways, this week we worked on product photography. Our guest speaker in lab was really interesting and I loved his studio demo. Taking the product photographs the next lab was trickier than I thought. Lighting really plays such a huge difference in how the photographs turn out! I think my ad turned out pretty neat. It’s simple, but simple can be good.