Monthly Archives: November 2011

It’s Almost Thanksgiving!!


It’s hard to believe it’s almost Thanksgiving break. Which means finals and the end of the semester are right around the corner. Just two exams, two group projects, and one speech to go. Then finals of course. I’m getting ahead of myself though. This week I started (and finished) my photojournalism assignment. I actually drove to Greenville on Tuesday to get the rest of my pictures. It was pretty cloudy and it was hard to get a good exposure, but I think it all worked out in the end. I got a few pictures on campus and I think it looks really good. I chose to spell out my last name, and am going to frame it for my parents for Christmas. I hope they like it. It’s going to be bigger than I intended but I think it turned out great. I will feel better once the poster is in my hands, because then I know I can go ahead and buy the frame.


A Slow Week


This week I only had to go to lab once since I finished the color management assignment on Monday. Now we’re moving into photojournalism which I’m pretty excited about. I plan on using my last name as my word, and am going to have it framed for my parents for Christmas/birthdays depending on the price. I’ve been thinking about things around my house that could relate to our last name, and so far I have the I and G figured out. The I is going to be a candle in the window that we do every Christmas season, and the G will require a little creative interpretation. My mom has a rod iron thing that hangs in our living room and is the first thing we bought when we moved to South Carolina. The design can be made out into a G so hopefully that works out well. That leaves an H, A, R, T and an N. Hopefully I can come up with things to make up our last name between Clemson’s campus and our home.

It’s Registration Season


So this week wasn’t too bad in graphics. I finished my photo composition project on Monday, and was able to work on my self portrait. I thought my self portrait turned out pretty well. I blurred the main photo of myself and let my “magic crystal ball” do the talking which I created in photoshop. With such a tight deadline I think it turned out pretty well. I am glad that next weeks assignment will only take one lab.

In other news, I registered for fall classes. I got almost everything I wanted, when I wanted. I am also knocking out one of my 3 required hours of technical requirements which is such a pain!