Fall Break, I Hardly Knew Ye


It’s amazing how fast fall break went by. I feel like I still need another few days off. Overall it was pretty uneventful and relaxing though so I can’t complain. My break started off great with getting the Cryovac internship for this summer as noted in my previous post. Friday I got to go to a Greenville Road Warriors game with Alex, and had a few chances to practice with my camera. I have to say, I have lots of respect for sports photographers. It was so hard to keep up with them, and the lighting made it a nightmare to balance the light meter. I did get one great shot of a check (posted below) so that was enough to keep me happy. Saturday and Sunday I got to do lots of shopping with my mom, and had lunch at restaurant I’ve worked at since I was 16. I had gone 8 weeks without eating Brixx pizza. I haven’t done that since before I worked there. Saturday I had to keep my mom updated with scores of the Michigan/Michigan State game (my parents are State alums and my mom refused to watch the game) from my phone. Thankfully Michigan State exposed Michigan for the overrated team they were (for the 4th year in a row…), and of course, Clemson pulled out a nail biter victory. Anways…Monday I got another excellent opportunity to practice with my camera. The youth hockey association my brother used to play for (and which my dad is still on the board for) had a golf outing, and had players from the Greenville Road Warriors come and golf. I was the “event photographer” and got some good practice of photography when the sun is shining (hard to believe, I know). I was so excited to see shots come through with the golf club mid swing and in perfect clarity. I really do love my camera. Well, that was my fall break. I couldn’t just pick one picture so I have a little slideshow instead.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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