Fall Break is Here!!


So this week in graphics I got a better understanding of how my camera works. I am really enjoying learning how things work, and how different settings effect the final photograph. I’m hoping to take my camera to the Greenville Road Warriors game tomorrow to see if I can get some practice with action shots. I’ll be in the third row so hopefully I’ll be close enough. If time (and weather) permits I’d also love to take my camera to Falls Park. Now that I know how to read my light meter, and adjust the shutter speed and aperture accordingly, I’m hoping to take some decent photographs.

This week overall was pretty laid back. Intern Employer Day always stresses me out though. I’m looking ahead to summer and most companies said to come back in the spring. The only company that said they were hiring for summer was Cryovac in Simpsonville. Cryovac also just offered me their summer internship position!!! I had missed their call initially, but when I called them back, I was more or less offered the internship on the spot. The woman didn’t even interview me! Needless to say I am super excited! I will be living at home, which means I won’t have to worry about housing and all the money I’m making can be saved up for my senior year (which is approaching way too fast). Anyways, I am looking forward to the few days off from classes, and it definitely started off great! The icing on the cake would be Michigan State beating Michigan this Saturday, and Clemson beating Maryland to go 7-0!


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