Thank God It’s the Weekend


So this week has been a long one for me. Two exams and a speech don’t exactly bode well for my stress levels. Especially when I like getting A’s. Which, I think I ended up going 2 for 3 this week. My downfall being an 89 on Art and Architecture History (but really, when am I ever going to need this knowledge again?). Graphics was pretty low key this week, the lab activity Monday took me all of an hour, and luckily I got to do the lab activity Wednesday at home. With my two exams being Wednesday and Thursday, I was glad for the extra study time.

I’ve started to mess around with my camera a little more and am really starting to enjoy all the cool things it can do. I went home this weekend and used my dog Izzo as a model. I just set it on auto, but I think some of them turned out really cute (hence me posting them below). After watching the videos for lab on Wednesday I got a better understanding of aperture, and took some shots just for the heck of it to work with selective focus. Tomorrow Alex and I are going to the Botanical Gardens and I’m going to take some more shots there. I find it surprising. When I started this major I didn’t think photography was going to be some much fun. Now I can’t wait to dive into it.

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