Another week closer to Photography


Tomorrow the cross media assignment is due which means (drumroll please) we begin photography! I am so excited for this part of the course. My camera has just been sitting there taunting me…it knows I want to learn how to use it properly. I keep using it here and there but I want to really know how to take photographs. That way when I sit on facebook judging people (ok, in all honesty, one person) who claim they are “photographers” I’ll have the knowledge to back it up (I know, I know, mean, but I can’t stand it when people think just because they have a nice camera, they’re a photographer, and everyone fawns over their work…). Anyways, I digress. This week has been pretty successful. The e-mail blast is done (the templates available made that part super easy), and now I’m sitting waiting in Godfrey for Summer to show up so we can finish the VDP. Lab was canceled which should mean I have the afternoon free, but the good student part of me knows that we need to get this done. So hopefully that doens’t take long because I have a tasty dinner with my name written all over it waiting to be made at my apartment.


About Kayla

I am a senior at the university that embarrassed itself at the Orange Bowl. I love photography, baking, and all things Detroit. I am currently trying to learn how to cook on a college budget.

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