Over the River and through the woods, to the Dairy Farm we go


So this week I didn’t actually spend a lot of time in lab. That was because Monday my partner for the VDP project, Summer, and I were able to figure out what we wanted to do pretty quickly. Then Wednesday (today) we went out to capture some pictures. We started out at the dairy farm and were lucky enough to be there when a lab was going on. We got to get pictures with students actually working with the cows. After the messy (and smelly) experience we headed back closer to campus. The band was starting practice and we got some cool shots of the guys who play the Sousaphones. Then we went to Lee Hall and got some pictures of the art gallery, and some pictures with architecture who were eager to help. After a quick refresher with some Icee’s, we got some final pictures in Godfrey, and a few shots of Tillman. Now all we’re waiting on are some pictures of a microbiology lab, and engineering lab which our awesome boyfriends are taking for us (yay for resources). Anyways, I figured I would post some of the photos from today, I think for just being on auto they turned out pretty good.

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