Time to Celebrate!


So these past two days have given plenty of reasons to celebrate. Today being that my least favorite (and first) class of the day was cancelled! Yay! Those aren’t really my main reasons though.

1) My website is FINALLY done! I have never been so happy to put a project behind me. Between the hours spent googling how to do things, and Dreamweaver trying to change my settings on me after I saved, I am glad to be done. Considering the struggle I still think my site turned out pretty well. Guess we’ll see how well it really did when I get my grade back on it. I was given positive feedback after a first glance so hopefully that translates into an A (just saying…).

2) I took my first AAH 210 exam online and got an A! I’ve heard so many horror stories so I was definitely worried about that class. I don’t know if I just got lucky with this first one, or I just prepared correctly. Either way I am not complaining!

And last, but certainly not least (definitely saving the best for last here)…

My boyfriend Alex and I had our three year anniversary on the 14th! 🙂 This was the first year we actually got to celebrate on our anniversary. Our first year I was in Clemson while he was still a senior in high school, and last year I had an exam. We were really excited to celebrate on the actual day to say the least. We just went to dinner at J. Peter’s, but I still got to show off my cute new dress. 🙂 I got him a watch (how he hasn’t owned one before is beyond me) and he got me a really cute personalized tote bag, and coasters (the ones I currently have are falling apart).

Cute, no?


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