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I guess seeing as we didn’t have lecture today, updating my blog would be a good idea…

Since my last post I have had a much different attitude about this website project. I found some awesome tutorials on Dreamweaver, and was all set to build my site that way. Then it came to the navigation (which these tutorials used a site template and did not explain well), and I jumped ship back to illustrator. After seeing another student do a demo on how to export your site into Dreamweaver, this became a great option. I am now basically down to my portfolio page, and then making sure I met all the requirements for the project. My main issue has been that for whatever reason, my site navigation gets cut off in Firefox (I suppose it could be the fact that my Firefox hates me and never loads right). I’m hoping once the site goes live it will look normal on any other Firefox.  Anyways, my site is starting to look a lot different than how I originally intended, but I’m ok with that. In all honesty my favorite part right now is the fact that I have a penguin in every page banner.

On another note, I picked up my SLR camera from home that I ordered off of Amazon. You would never be able to tell it’s been used! I’ve tried messing around with it a little bit, but I know I have so much to learn. I am definitely ready to knock out this website and move on to photography!

My home page banner

I told you I incorporated penguins


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