A Vent


I have never been so frustrated with an Adobe program as I have been with Dreamweaver this week. The tutorials were a piece of cake, but then trying to use that information to start on my own site was far from fun. I feel no more knowledgeable than when I started the tutorials. It didn’t take me long to make the decision to do all the work in Illustrator, and then import (or whatever it is I do) to Dreamweaver later. I seriously felt like pulling out my hair on Wednesday because I don’t just want to copy the layout of the tutorial, I want something different. The photography portion of this course is becoming a very small light at the end of a very long tunnel.

On that note, I ordered my camera this week. After a good freak out over my bank account, I was able to convince my parents to pay for it. Well, kind of. They’re pulling a savings bond I have in my name so I guess technically I’m paying for it. At least my bank account wont’ take a hit for it since they’re reimbursing me. The camera is currently sitting at home and I cannot wait to go pick it up on Sunday. I need something to distract me from this website.

I guess I should post some form of image to prove I did work this week. However, at this point in time wordpress does not want to let me add any images. I’ll try again later.





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